5 Simple Self-Care Ideas for Mom’s With No Time


I have been feeling it creep up again this week.


It’s almost like it lingers around every single day, wanting to become part of my existence.

My body was begging me to slow down and rest.

My racing mind wanted me to give it a break.

My soul was whispering to stay present.

Have you ever felt that way?

When the feeling of overwhelm comes up and the knowing you have too much on your plate, I want you to know there is a way to lessen those feelings.

Here are 5 simple self-care ideas for moms with no time.


Being a mama and juggling all that needs to be done on a daily basis makes getting more sleep challenging at times. It’s hard to work in a little extra shut-eye at night and feel rested in the morning. A great question to ask is “how much do I need?” Everyone is different. What’s your magic number? I am personally at my best when I have had at least 8 hours of sleep and may need 9 hours if I haven’t slept well in days. A great way to get more sleep during the week is by having one night out of the week that you go to bed super early.  Another helpful tip is going to bed just 10 minutes earlier each night or a couple times a week than usual until you find the right amount of rest.


Are you drinking enough? Water does not just provide us with energy, it is also essential to our lives. There are so many benefits to drinking enough water, such as cleansing and rehydrating your body. Water also flushes out the toxins so that your body is functioning properly which will make you feel amazing and vibrant. A super easy way to ensure you are drinking enough is to bring a water bottle with you everywhere you go. Bored of drinking it? How about adding some flavour to your water such as lemons, berries, cucumbers. How can you get in 8 to 10 cups of water per day?

Healthy Lifestyle

Another super simple idea is to have a review of what you are eating. My suggestion is rather than judging the choices you are making, become mindful of what’s working and what’s not working by increasing your awareness.  How can you eat/live a little cleaner? Where can you get creative and sneak some extra fruits and veggies into your day? As a mama, it’s so important that our children get all the nutrients they need to thrive and feel nourished. We need to nourish ourselves as well. I invite you to check in and see how you can live a more healthy lifestyle today.


Moving your body is a gift you can give yourself. Get inspired by how incredible you are going to feel after working out. The days I take the time to move my body are the days that flow and I just feel better. My energy changes, I feel a sense of calmness and am more centred and aligned. When you start moving your body, you will begin to see the benefits in other areas of your life as well. Not only will your body start feeling strong, but also the strength of your spirit will begin to grow! A strong body and spirit can increase your energy and make you feel more empowered, confident and vibrant. It is so important to feel this way, especially with our busy lifestyles. Where can you sneak in a movement today?


Practicing stillness or meditation is a great way to quiet your mind while helping you reach a little inner peace. The goal is to help you reach a calm, mindful state and connect with yourself. The first time you try to meditate, you may have a hard time lying still and focusing on meditating. Has this ever happened to you? I find the more I would try to sit still and observe my own thoughts, the more I found myself getting carried away by them. There are so many variations on how to meditate and some great music you can listen to while you practice. The key is to find something that works for you and do it.

There you have it. Which one of these self-care ideas will you put into practice today?




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Join the tribe and receive instant access to my LIBRARY OF RESOURCES FOR BUSY MAMAS!

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